two seventeen


That still moment of the morning

when the quietest wind hums

and the whole world seems to hush

strains to catch that elusive hymn

few mortals lost in sleep turn

and the invincible sculptor of life

folds new creases around their eyes

two seventeen this morning

In a frozen stupor she  lay

Staring at the vacuity of her  days

Looking where there is naught to see

The veins in her eyes  filled with blood

she quaked an arm to Pablo

he blinked and smiled and faded away

so she crawled back into her abysmal murk

watched the clock hands make their turns

two seventeen and she never blinked

yet he came and went unseen

looking at the mirror in the morning light

she weeps at the passage of time

that new crease at the edge of her eye…

the  invincible sculptor  of life

at two seventeen did come by 

~ by elfish dawn on March 1, 2010.

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