mortality of the spirit

Deceive me not ye  astute  life

Trifle not with a heart so battered

A heart so splintered

A heart so jaded and on the brink of wastage

Choke me not I who wishes not to breath

Pain me not I who labors not to feel

Spare me this angst that esteems no ethics

That scoffs temperance and blossoms in extremism

Indulge me to keep vigil, to bleed for the dying dream

          Blight this corporeal universe with muted quiescence

       I pay an ultimate veneration, I bury a cherished comrade

       I was my only friend, and now even I am  dead

Tell me … who feels not what I feel

so sick this sensation I succumb to senselessness

           Tell me…..Who is lonelier than I who hasn’t even herself?

  Pray draw the drapes, shut my door and withraw

 Let me recline in the dark with my bloodshot eyes

I am calm, I am tired, I am quiet,  I raise a white flag.

©Serene Blaq


~ by elfish dawn on January 21, 2010.

8 Responses to “mortality of the spirit”

  1. Oh, beautifully said… and when all has failed, when even our “being” is no longer recognizable… we find our true selves. I love the white flag analogy. In giving up there is such incredible grace.


  2. My Comp I instructor asked me why I though people were drawn to tragedy. I told her that people liked to be moved by a common sadness. A catharsis like grief, a cleansing. That if you bring someone to tears… they will remember you forever.

    • i reckon it is true.It’s the ultimate human condition.we suffer…and if we can suffer cosmically….then we glimpse a minute grain of truth…truth we forever pine to find…the absolute truth that makes sense of it all…that answers the The Question…..Sadness and grief are universal…all tears are salty and they make such efficient equalizers….perchance that is why there is such priceless beauty In sadness…i’m terminally sad!

      • IF it helps… you are not alone. I wonder if there is a perfect sadness, one of which you can’t even feel the pain anymore? Sometimes I think I have achieved it, but it hasn’t stopped me from aspiring to write the perfect sadness.

  3. Your choice of art has caught my eye, reading your words has put me in deep thought, Giving up is a freeing feeling letting go, not holding on any longer like a falling leaf from atop a cliff.

    Love it

  4. thank you for visiting..come again and again.

  5. I certainly will you can feel free to do the same, writing and reading should always be universal. Poetry is a great stress reliever taking ones mind into a different time and place, allowing the imagination to blossom till its grown past what we call reality.

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